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Ms. Suzanne Proulx, Executive Director of Junior Achievement Quebec is proud to salute the talent of the 120 young people between the ages of 16 and 18 who gathered in Victoriaville this weekend to develop a business plan for a company of their choice.

These young people are supervised by a team of 30 adult facilitators, all volunteers for the Student Enterprise program, and coming from the business community. Each of the youth delegates has participated in the Student Enterprise Program and was chosen by his or her company (by his or her peers) as a reward for the quality of his or her involvement.

“It is important for us to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit in our youth. We are proud to be able to help them develop a business. Who knows, they may find the inspiration for a company that could be a Quebec flagship of tomorrow,” said Suzanne Proulx.

The business plan was the pivotal activity of the conference. During the three days, each team had to develop a business plan that would allow a fictitious investor to maximize a $2,000,000 capital outlay. Each team presented their project to the audience at the end of the conference through an oral presentation where creativity was in full swing!

“These young people constantly amaze us with their leadership, creativity, and resourcefulness. They make us proud and make us want to do more and more to stimulate in them the desire to become future entrepreneurs,” concluded Suzanne Proulx, Executive Director of Junior Achievement Quebec.”

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